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Dr Andy Mayers, psychologist at Bournemouth University and mental health campaigner.

“I think that #PNDHour is an excellent resource for mums, dads and families wanting to chat about postnatal depression. It is a great way to find support and signposting. It is always encouraging to see so many people talking so freely and openly – and I am sure there are many more people just watching what is being said. It is so motivating to see comments saying how much #PNDHour has helped. Evidence suggests that if mums with a mental health problem see others talking, it will encourage them to seek help too. Rosey should be proud of what she has achieved here. I know we are proud of her.”

Tess who helps run the Juno Perinatal Mental Health Service [Edinburgh] says this about #PNDHour.

“#PND is a lonely illness. It makes you feel like you are the only person in the world experiencing it, which makes it even harder to deal with. Finding out you are not the only one through the #PNDFamily brings comfort in a dark time while dealing with #PND.”

Leigh who is an active member of #PNDHour and #PNDChat says this about the hashtags:

“#PNDHour & #PNDChat are simple ideas. Social Media connecting a diverse range of people with an interest in Peri-natal Mental Health. Whether you are a current sufferer, a survivor or a Health Care Professional, there is plenty to talk about. Helping people bit by bit and reducing stigma. Sometimes all you need is for someone to say “it’s ok, I’ve been there. I know exactly what you mean.” – That is what the #PNDFamily does.”


Pauline McPartland a Counsellor and Specialist Practioner in Liverpool says this :

‘Rosey’s concept and creation of #PNDHour & #PNDChat has provided a platform very cleverly for us all to meet at a set date and time every week and offer hope, support, words of wisdom. It’s a place for some to go to for support or to hear words of encouragement to help them stay afloat if they feel they are swimming against the waves of PND and struggling. It’s a light in the dark for some and this place to meet and share has formed the basis for those in the perinatal world to come together and it’s ignited passion amongst us to discuss ideas together to improve perinatal mental health services far and wide and it has linked us to Dubai and Los Angeles to name just a couple of destinations we are now regularly in contact with ! Our aim to discuss and share forward thinking for positive change ! It’s a mix of people from all walks of life with the same aim and so we have formed the #TogetherWeAreStronger tagline as we believe this is true and we have since met up a few times and personally some of these fabulous PND inspirational people I’ve met on this platform  I really do consider my friends ! Thanks Rosey ! Your amazing!’

Tricia who runs Nurture Me in Edinburgh says this about #PNDHour & the #PNDFamily

“Rosey has created something amazing with #PNDHour and #PNDFamily – connecting literally 100s of parents across the UK who have all experienced perinatal mental health problems.  By creating these connections, the isolation and hopelessness that many of these parents feel is overcome by having access to open and honest peer support network.  I believe she has literally saved the lives of many parents and improved the lives of many others by providing this community.  We have a lot to be thankful for her ingenuity and energy.   Thank you Rosey. “

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