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Finding your Village

2nd May 2018 Posted By Rosey Wren

What's that saying? It takes a village to raise a baby.

How many of us really have that sort of support around us? Those who can take our hand and walk with us on the terrifying, amazing, challenging journey that is motherhood.

When I was really poorly, I didn't have much support. Partly because I hid how I was truly feeling. I only wish that I had spoken out. To say to someone 'This is really hard'. I'd have realised I wasn't alone. 

It wasn't until I wrote the poem PND and Me, when my youngest was 16 months old that I found my village. Until then I had wandered around, feeling alone, thinking that these rough times would never end. With my village, I found the hope I had desperately needed for so long.

For me, the village was those who had been through the darkness of maternal mental illness. 

What would my ideal village have looked like when I was in the thick of my battle?

  • Support from health care professionals such as health visitors, and a specialist perinatal mental health team.
  • Peer support - I just needed to know I wasn't alone.
  • Family and friends to lean on. 
  • Having support from something like Home Start would have been amazing, as the isolation I felt was crippling and a huge factor in my illness. So having someone to be there and to help me get out and about would have been incredible. 

Now my village has grown and it includes:

  • A loving and supportive partner
  • A group of amazing women, who I talk to every day, They pick me up when I feel down and laugh with me when I feel good.
  • A good GP and support with taking medication
  • Psychological therapy.

Everyones village is different ,and is as unique as each person and their journey. If you haven't found your village yet, reach out. I promise you will find those who say 'Me too'.






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