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PNDandMe Blog

This is the blog section of PND and Me, which is how it began. We'll be posting regular blogs and are always interesting in sharing other peoples experiences of maternal mental illness, so please get in touch with us if you'd like to share your story. Rosey x

Finding your Village

2nd May 2018 POSTED BY Rosey Wren
#PNDHour, Antenatal Depression, Anxiety, Health Visitors, Postnatal Depression
What's that saying? It takes a village to raise a baby.
How many of us really have that sort of support around us? Those who can take our hand and walk with us on the terrifying, amazing, challenging journey that is motherhood.
When I was really poorly, I didn't have much support. Partly because I hid how I was truly feeling. I only wish that I had spoken out. To say to someone 'This is really hard'. I'd have realised I wasn't alone. 
It wasn't until I wrote the poem PND and Me, when my youngest was 16 months old that I found my village. Until then I had wandered around, feeling alone, thinking that these rough times would never end. With my village, I found the hope I had desperately needed for so long.
For me, the village was those who had been through the darkness of maternal mental illness. 
What would my ideal village have looked like when I was in the thick of my battle?
Support from health care professionals such as health visitors, and a specialist perinatal mental health team. Peer support - I just needed to know I wasn't alone. Family and friends to lean on.  Having support from something like Home Start would have...

Reaching out - Taking a step into the unknown

1st May 2018 Posted By Rosey Wren
#PNDHour, Postnatal Depression
Taking that first step to seek help can feel terrifying. So many thoughts go through your head ;
'Will I be judged?'
'Will they take my baby away from me?'
'What if i've made this all up in my head?'
These thoughts can build up to the point where seeking help seems like...

How I Feel...10 years on

30th April 2018 Posted By Rosey Wren
#PNDHour, Postnatal Depression
Lotus Petal Family Support along with The Butterfly Mother, have set a photo challenge for this years Maternal Mental Health Awarenss Week. I wanted to use the opportunity to write as well as share a photo.

Today’s photo theme – How I feel.
So, I wanted to reflect on how I...

#PNDHour Topics Maternal Mental Health Week

28th April 2018 Posted By Rosey Wren
#PNDHour, Postnatal Depression
 I'm delighted to be a member of the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership and for the second year running, we are hosting a UK awareness week. Please follow the link here to see our full schedule of events, and to find out about events running across the country! 
Looking forward to an...

Supporting a partner through Postnatal Depression -

11th May 2017 Posted By Rosey Wren
#PNDHour, Postnatal Depression
I'm honoured to share with you this anonymous blog. A candid story of how Postnatal Depression has an affect on not just the person suffering and how important support for the whole family unit it. 
I'm a partner just like your partner. Male or female, I'm the one who hasn't...

To the mum battling mental illness - I see you

30th April 2017 Posted By Rosey Wren
Postnatal Depression
To the mum battling mental illness
You are not alone. Your tears may fall silently but I see you.
When you are painting on a smile when someone asks 'How are you?'
I see you
Those days where getting out of bed, attending to your childs every whim
The same days you lock yourself...

Self Care by R

4th May 2017 Posted By Rosey Wren
Mums Stories, Postnatal Depression
Self care. Two small words filled with love and warmth. Which the NHS defines as knowing how to keep fit and healthy, how to deal with medicines appropriately, manage self-treatable conditions and when to seek appropriate clinical help. If you have a long-term condition, self care is about understanding that condition...

My Postnatal Depression - Amy's Story

1st January 2012 Posted By Rosey Wren
Postnatal Depression
The lovely Amy has asked me to share this with you all, please read and share. Amy is a true inspiration xx
The Amy behind Amy's Boarderline World; I am a yoga obsessed 30 year old mummy of one gorgeous little boy, and a wife to one equally gorgeous man!...

Perry Panda - Explains depression to young children

29th January 2017 Posted By Rosey Wren
Postnatal Depression
Perry Panda is a book written by parent and mental health professional Helen Bashford. It helps explain depression to younger children and what might help mum feel better. Althought not specifically about Postnatal Depression I really loved the idea and purchased a copy for me to read with my...
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