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PNDandMe Blog

This is the blog section of PND and Me, which is how it began. We'll be posting regular blogs and are always interesting in sharing other peoples experiences of maternal mental illness, so please get in touch with us if you'd like to share your story. Rosey x

Shortlisted for #MindAwards

1st October 2016 POSTED BY Rosey Wren
#PNDHour, Postnatal Depression
A few weeks ago I found out I was shortlisted in the MIND Media Awards in the Blogger category. Ovewhelmed is probably the word I would use to describe how I felt when I found out. 
When I began PND and Me, it was "just" a blog, it was my outlet for Postnatal Depression, it sure as hell saved me a few times being able to poor my heart into a post and not have those feelings swirling around in my head torturing me. Starting PND and Me, saved me.
Since then it has grown and is now a resource for others going through the hell that is Postnatal Depression, I would like to think that it offers a little ray of hope to those battling and reassurance that things will get better. That recovery is a possibility.
I think back to when I started the blog and what it meant to me to be able to write exactly how I felt, no limits, just me and my heart, typed up and shown to the world. 2014 was the worst year of my life and with my battle with depression, without having the blog to share my thoughts, I truly don't know...

I found my lighthouse and with it, hope

18th September 2016 Posted By Rosey Wren
#PNDChat, #PNDHour, Postnatal Depression
PND and Me, came from a very dark place, a place where the sun didn’t shine and there was very little hope to cling to, it came from a time of isolation, sadness and loneliness. A time where I didn’t want to live.
Somehow though, the poem came to me...

Perinatal Mental Health, From a GP perspective

29th August 2016 Posted By Rosey Wren
Postnatal Depression
Dr Carrie Ladd, August 2016
GP and RCGP Clinical Fellow in Perinatal Mental Health
If parenthood is not what you were expecting, you’re not alone. The tough reality of relentless sleepless nights, seemingly untreatable colic and the colossal physical efforts of looking after someone else’s primal needs ahead of your own...

From under the blanket of Postnatal Depression - Felicity's story

29th August 2016 Posted By Rosey Wren
Mums Stories, Postnatal Depression
*Trigger Warning, mention of Birth Trauma*
My name is Felicity. I have a perinatal mental illness. It's easy to admit from the safety of my laptop, no eyes looking directly at me, judging me, fueling the shame that I hide within. This is why I've never admitted to friends or...

Learning to Dad, When you have PND

15th July 2016 Posted By Rosey Wren
Postnatal Depression
Alright men of the world. Here’s the truth about when I look at all dads, (myself included). I sit back and look at us all, in our pictures showing how tired and disheveled, stressed and messy we look. I sit back and look at how tired we are and then compare...

Tips for mums with PND

21st July 2014 Posted By Rosey Wren
Postnatal Depression
***I’ve edited the title as this post could be of help to any mum with #PND***
Being a stay at home mum is hard enough at times, let alone when you have the black cloud of depression hanging over you. So I wanted to share some tips from myself and...

Lets walk from the shadows together

29th August 2014 Posted By Rosey Wren
#PNDChat, #PNDHour, Postnatal Depression
Dear Mums.
If you have or have had Postnatal Depression keep reading.. If not then please read on regardless.
I was there 6 years ago, covered by the shadow of this hidden illness, the all consuming blackness, tiredness, the tears and anger, the questions ‘Why me?’ ‘This is all I ever wanted why can’t...

The Importance of Time for PND Recovery

9th September 2014 Posted By Rosey Wren
Postnatal Depression
Accepting a PND diagnosis can be difficult, it takes time to comes to terms with it, but know that time is the biggest healer, it doesn’t make things go away but time gives us the strength to cope with things better. You are a wonderful mum and in time PND will...

A Tear Slides Slowly Down Her Cheek

26th October 2014 Posted By Rosey Wren
Health Visitors, Postnatal Depression
I can see her sitting on the edge of the sofa, looking anxious, tired, wearing a top spotted with spit up on the shoulder, I catch her glancing at the baby asleep in the bouncer, she sighs, sinks back into the sofa and looks around the room, toys strewn around, a half empty cup of tea and...
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