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PNDandMe Blog

This is the blog section of PND and Me, which is how it began. We'll be posting regular blogs and are always interesting in sharing other peoples experiences of maternal mental illness, so please get in touch with us if you'd like to share your story. Rosey x

My Postnatal Depression - Amy's Story

1st January 2012 POSTED BY Rosey Wren
Postnatal Depression
The lovely Amy has asked me to share this with you all, please read and share. Amy is a true inspiration xx
The Amy behind Amy's Boarderline World; I am a yoga obsessed 30 year old mummy of one gorgeous little boy, and a wife to one equally gorgeous man! I suffer with mental health issues including PND, BPD, anorexia and depression. I blog in the hope I can help and inspire others. I love art and anything creative and believe without it my days would still be pretty dark. I take each day as it comes – or at least try to – and I am always grateful for everything in my life, big or small. 
Amy's Boarderline World
I have been thinking about writing my experiences with PND for a while but have been too nervous.
I have come to terms with most of my mental health issues but PND is still a struggle.
My pregnancy overall was pretty good. I had morning sickness for the first 13/14 weeks and a small scare at 30 weeks but overall I loved my pregnancy.
I have always struggled with my eating and the way I look but all of these fears seemed to disappear during pregnancy....

Perry Panda - Explains depression to young children

29th January 2017 Posted By Rosey Wren
Postnatal Depression
Perry Panda is a book written by parent and mental health professional Helen Bashford. It helps explain depression to younger children and what might help mum feel better. Althought not specifically about Postnatal Depression I really loved the idea and purchased a copy for me to read with my...

Hyperemesis Gravidarum & Maternal Mental Health

26th January 2017 Posted By Rosey Wren
Last night on #PNDHour we looked at the effects of Hyperemesis Gravidarum on a womans mental health in pregnancy and after the birth. On average pregnancy sickness affects 70-80% of pregnant women to a greater or lesser extent and 1 in 100-150 women will be admitted to hospital due to the...

Counselling for perinatal mental health and wellbeing - is it for you?

28th January 2017 Posted By Rosey Wren
Postnatal Depression
The following post has very kindly been written by 
Adela Stockton, Psychodynamic Counsellor MBACP
Counselling Connect CIC
Counselling is a generic term used to cover a number of approaches to talking therapy including psychodynamic, person centred, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), humanistic and TA (transactional analysis). It has been suggested that certain modalities...

Blue Monday? #PlantASmile

16th January 2017 Posted By Rosey Wren
#PNDChat, Postnatal Depression
Blue Monday (the third Monday in January) has in recent years been dubbed the most depressing day of the year. For those out there like me, who suffer with a mental illness it can feel like it belittles the reality of living with mental illness as you can feel...

Seeking Help for Postnatal Depression

5th January 2017 Posted By Rosey Wren
#PNDHour, Postnatal Depression
Seeking help for Postnatal Depression is the bravest thing you do and you have that courage within you, even if you don't know it.
It is never too late to speak to someone and tell them you are struggling, when you seek help you can get the support you need....

What I've learnt from blogging about Perinatal Mental Illness

3rd January 2017 Posted By Rosey Wren
#PNDHour, Postnatal Depression
I’ve been blogging about Perinatal Mental Health for nearly three years now. It began as a personal blog and since changing my website, I have lost a few of the more personal posts from when I began but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten what it was that started my...

How Babywearing "saved" me from Postnatal Depression

3rd January 2014 Posted By Rosey Wren
Postnatal Depression
I discovered ‘babywearing’ during my 3rd pregnancy; I got a stretchy wrap for those newborn days. I was suffering with prenatal depression by 28 weeks its important to point out.
I started babywearing when my baby was just a few days old, I’d wrap him up on those mornings where...

We are PND and Me

16th November 2016 Posted By Rosey Wren
#PNDHour, Postnatal Depression
So, on Monday 14th November I travelled to London to attend the MIND Media Awards, which I was absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted in, I was in the Blogger category and was blown away to win the award. It means more to me than I could ever really...
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